With the right tools, you can achieve more than ever.

Imagine what would happen if your advertising sales staff had immediate access to vital information during the proposal process.

ASK-CRM is a sales software product designed by experienced media and technology professionals, specifically for the publishing and media industry. It’s really a toolkit, seamlessly incorporating:

  • CRM,

  • multi-product proposal and presentation building,

  • 100% accurate rate calculations,

  • goals tracking,

  • media investment calculations, and

  • mileage and call reports. 

All of these features and more are provided without adding to the account execs “to do” list. Sales people immediately see its value and ease of use, while sales managers gain an excellent handle on what’s going on in the field.

Benefits to a Newspaper: In the end, it’s all about sales! Isn’t it? The capabilities in ASK-CRM enable a sales team to maximize efficiency and focus on selling, rather than sales process. With ASK-CRM, sales people first gain a thorough understanding of their advertiser’s needs, and then the software coaches them through the proposal and presentation process. As a result, they are walking out the door with solid reasons to buy in a matter of minutes and their effort produces results.

Why companies choose us: We know there are other CRM offerings out there. Many of our clients have tried them, but were disappointed. They choose us because we understand the publishing industry and market needs. We are about forging long-term partner relationships with our customers, making sure they are getting value, answering questions immediately and developing customized solutions, when needed.

How we are different: We are focused entirely on helping newspaper media companies generate more ad revenue and advertiser success stories. Also, ASK-CRM generates positive ROI measured in days or weeks, "not" in months or years. Just ask some of the more than 50 newspapers across the country already working with us!

Click here to download a ASK-CRM one-sheet (.pdf).