NEWSPAPER CRM that is the whole toolkit



Not just a CRM system...

ASK-CRM is a suite of robust sales tools designed by and for newspaper professionals.


It offers:

  • Easy proposal building

  • Mobile interface for instant account analysis in the field

  • Real time goals tracking

  • Seamless presentation building

  • Media budgeting options

  • Automatic presentation calendars

  • And so much more!

ASK-CRM, is an advertising sales software system developed specifically for the Newspaper/Media industry by industry veterans. Account executives successfully use it to more easily manage their territory by ensuring that all prospects as well as active and inactive accounts are touched periodically. Additional emphasis is placed on the total pipeline compared to goals...keeping everyone focused on selling and increasing revenue. 

Unlike other CRM tools, ASK-CRM also provides everything necessary for an account executive to develop comprehensive multi-product proposals that meet an advertiser's needs. The proposals are automatically integrated into the pipeline and goals tracking process. We believe CRM should happen naturally as an account executive does their job and should not add "busy work" to their already overloaded daily schedule.